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St. Stephen's Preschool
67 W. Washington Ave.
Bethlehem, PA 18018-2433

Rebecca Barger, Director

mj&bradley   "St. Stephen's Preschool was a wonderful environment for early learning when I attended in the early-1980's and it continues to provide an exceptional start to the formal education of so many young children today. Our son has truly blossomed and thrived in his time at St. Stephen's. He has forged his first friendships, learned about classroom structure and discipline, expanded his knowledge tremendously, and most importantly he has had fun!
     The small class sizes allow for a perfect balance of independence and individualized attention. The incredible teachers are caring and nurturing, and they get to know each individual student on a level that allows them to maximize each child's strengths and potential as well as address any concerns. St. Stephen's provides an excellent social and academic foundation that prepares its students and their families for kindergarten and beyond.
    We could not be happier with our decision to enroll our son at St. Stephen's and look forward to sending our daughter next. Thank you to the entire staff at St. Stephen's for your hard work and dedication!"
                                    - Jake & Lauren Retos

"All 3 of our children have attended St. Stephen's Preschool ...  We would highly recommend the quality program to all our friends ...  I believe that the first step in making your child a lifelong learner should begin with St. Stephen's Preschool."

"My husband and I chose to send both of our children to St. Stephen's Preschool.  Our experience at St. Stephen's has been above and beyond what we ever expected in a preschool.  Our son and daughter couldn't be more different, but the teachers have taken a very personal approach to developing each child's learning skills."
"St. Stephen's is a great environment in which pre-schoolers can learn and have fun.  During his time at St. Stephen's, our son learned to understand the world around him, was introduced to a variety of social skills, developed self-confidence, and was inspired to think through situations both critically and creatively.  He started kindergarten this year.  His teacher says he is bright and a joy to work with.  Thank you, St. Stephen's!"

"We researched and visited many preschool programs throughout Bethlehem. We chose St. Stephen's Preschool because of the people.  Throughout our four years, the Director and staff took care of our boys like they were their own.  They provided structure and discipline and created an environment that made learning fun.  ... Our whole family loved our experiences at St. Stephen's."

"The warmth and energy of St. Stephen's is unmatched anywhere in the Lehigh Valley.  The caring staff, the focus on respect and manners and the overall family atmosphere are all things we have grown to love about St. Stephen's.  The excellent education provided by the staff helps us raise confident, happy children, fully prepared and excited for kindergarten."