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St. Stephen's Preschool
67 W. Washington Ave.
Bethlehem, PA 18018-2433

Rebecca Barger, Director


What is the difference between "Preschool" and "Extended Care?"
Preschool classes are geared towards getting your child ready for the next educational level. The classes have more consistency and go into more detail in their learning experiences. Extended Care is provided before and after preschool classes to offer parents and caregivers a safe and caring environment in accomodating their scheduling needs.
Does my child have to be registered for Preschool
to use Extended Care?
You do not have to be registered for a preschool class to use Extended Care.
May I use Extended Care
only on days my child
attends a preschool class?
No, you may use Extended Care on any day.
Is there a "pre-kindergarten" class?
All 4 year old classes prepare your child for kindergarten. The teachers work with your child to accomplish specific social, physical and academic goals. Should your child need extra attention, we provide that, along with reinforcement from the parents.
How old must a child be to attend the program?
Children are to be 3 or 4 years of age by October 1st or 2 years of age by June 1st.
When can you register a child?
You may enroll a child at any time. Complete the registration form and mail the form with the $50.00 fee.
When does the school year begin?
"Get Acquainted Day" is held for the children and their parents during the last week in August.  This is to acquaint the children with their teachers and surroundings.  The school operates from the begining of September to mid May. Please see the preschool schedule for more details.
What does a typical day involve?
The day begins with free play, followed by a short "circle" (gather on the rug as a group).  There we pledge the flag, sing "God Bless America", acknowledge birthdays, chart the weather, and introduce our activities for the day.  The 4 year old classes also take turns charting the calendar.  The children will then continue free play, followed by singing our clean-up song and putting the toys away.  The class then gathers on the rug for a second circle time when we engage in movement, songs, rhythm, finger plays, stories, and activities related to the monthly themes.  Following this circle, the children are divided into equal groups, with each group going to their respective table to create an art-related activity.  Sometimes the art activity is done on a one-to-one during free play.  Snack time follows, with snacks provided by the preschool.  The latter part of the session is spent on the rug with a continuation of the previous circle.  It is then time to put on jackets, pick up our school bags (provided by the preschool), say good-bye to teachers and friends, and greet parents.
Must a child be potty trained?
No, but we prefer that they are.  However, the teachers will cooperate with parents during potty training.
What is the procedure
for dismissal time?
Children are dismissed on a one-to-one basis to a designated person.
The building has a state-of-the-art security system with cameras.  The doors are kept locked when the children are in the building.  The children's safety is always our number one priority.  We practice emergency building evacuation drills to a secure meeting place.