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St. Stephen's Preschool
67 W. Washington Ave.
Bethlehem, PA 18018-2433

Rebecca Barger, Director

Developing confidence and trust outside the home and family.
Social Development
Getting along with peers in a group, demonstrating courtesy and respect and extending consideration through the ability and willingness to share.
Ability to listen to stories and follow directions.
Behavior Patterns
Coping with fear, anger and guilt; cultivating optimism and a healthy attitude through fun, play and humor.
Individual Traits
Developing self-confidence, independence, and the ability to express satisfaction in effort and achievement.
Mental Development
Exercise in alertness, curiousity, creative thinking and inquiry, and understanding the natural learning process through experience and play.
Work Habits
Developing good work habits by stressing completeness and satisfaction; working in an orderly fashion, including clean-up.
Motor Skills
Learning to use the body effectively in climbing, running, jumping, skipping, balancing, and developing eye-hand coordination.
Manipulatory Skills
Using scissors, paste, paint and clay; working with building blocks, puzzles and beads; learning to button, zipper and snap.
Language Development
Growth in expression, listening and vocabulary.
STEM Activities
Studying comparisons, classifications, counting and measurements, and recognizing relationships in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
Health and Safety
Learning health habits and safety rules.
Parent Involvement
Volunteering of parents to share their special talents, hobbies or occupations.
Our program provides time for free play, circle, music, rhythm, painting, computer and learning concepts and skills. During free play, children are free to choose their own activities: painting, cutting, computer, rug or table play. After free play, the children are divided into two or three groups, each group having their own teacher for an art activity and a snack. The children then join together for circle time, show and tell, a learning concept, exercise, dance, music and rhythm.